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ALM Course – August 2019
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ALM Course (5th - 6th August 2019)

This 2-day course is for R³S users who already have a good understanding of R³S Modeler. Users should have attended the Foundation training course and be regular users of the system. Users will learn how to modify liability and asset child programs built from standard code and complete a parent program to model some company decisions, feeding the results of the decisions into the child programs.

Course overview

  • Overview of dynamic decisions modelling in R³S Modeler
  • Consideration of available standard code
  • Best practice for modifying standard code
  • Implement company-specific modifications to code
  • Implement adjustments to code to use stochastic scenario file rather than scalar deterministic assumptions
  • Develop parent program to summarise liability and asset values from child programs
  • Further develop parent program to implement company decisions and feed decisions into child programs

The course is very hands-on, and you will be working in the system throughout the training days with expert tuition and assistance from our R³S Modeler trainer.

For fees and booking information, please contact training@rnaanalytics.com

Find the full 2019 Training Schedule here.


Estimated Resources
In addition to our scheduled courses, an R³S Modeler training course can also be carried out as a ‘private course’ at an RNA Analytics office or provided onsite at your offices.

The teacher led training courses would require 1 or 2 trainers depending on the number of delegates to be taught, as shown in the table below.

Number of delegates

Number of trainers

1 to 6


7 to 14