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Foundation Course – June 2019
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Foundation Course (24th - 25th June 2019)

This course provides a firm foundation for modelling in R³S Modeler by covering the main components of the system in detail. Following the course, you will be able to use and develop code in the system for company-specific products. It is essential that delegates complete the pre-requisite course in their own time before attending the 2-day teacher led course.

Course overview:

  • Recap from the pre-requisite course
  • Key usability features:
    • Step variables for projecting variables 
    • Rollback variables for calculating the PVFP
    • Sub layers for sub-projections (example of Reserve)
    • Events 
  • Building new programs from existing modules 
  • Parent and Child programs
  • Error trapping and de-bugging
  • Use of the R³S add-in functions for Microsoft® Excel for reporting result 

The course is very hands-on, and you will be working in the system throughout the 2 days with expert tuition and assistance from our R³S Modeler trainer.  

For fees and booking information, please contact training@rnaanalytics.com

Find the full 2019 Training Schedule here.


Estimated Resources
In addition to our scheduled courses, an R³S Modeler training course can also be carried out as a ‘private course’ at an RNA Analytics office or provided onsite at your offices.

The teacher led training courses would require 1 or 2 trainers depending on the number of delegates to be taught, as shown in the table below.

Number of delegates

Number of trainers

1 to 6


7 to 14